Corruption is a great challenge and an obstacle to good business; it adds to the cost of doing business, distorts competition and represents serious legal and reputational risks. In a world today where national and international anti-corruption rules become more stringent and where enforcement agencies go global, Towards Transparency established a Business Integrity Programme. This programme aims at:

  • Improving accountability, transparency and governance in the business sector
  • Providing services required by companies to deliver effective business integrity programmes
  • Supporting Government initiatives in enhancing business integrity

To that end, Towards Transparency (TT) participated in different collective actions and published various reports and studies.

TT also created the Vietnam Business Integrity Forum (VIBF). Based on a concept developed by Transparency International, VBIF brings together leading businesses that wish to demonstrate their support for Towards Transparency work and commitment to fighting corruption in their own operations. VIBF’s objective is to raise standards and help to create a level playing field for companies operating in Vietnam.

Joining the Vietnam Business Integrity Forum (VIBF) allows companies to:

  • Demonstrate commitment and leadership within their industry
  • Reinforce anti-corruption messaging to staff
  • Learn from TT experts and colleagues in other companies on trends in corruption and anti-corruption and anti-bribery best practice
  • Gain insight into TT’s policy positions and submissions to government